Since 1978, long before most current treadmill companies began, Trackmaster has built treadmills widely regarded as the absolute quality benchmark; the toughest, most durable institutional treadmills in the industry.

Trackmaster's design concept was simple: make an affordable heavy-duty treadmill that could withstand years of punishing use without wearing out, while retaining the features that treadmill users want. Quiet, attractively designed and with a choice of full featured digital controllers.

Each Trackmaster is designed to stand up to the heavy-use, non-stop demands of fitness clubs, corporate health centers, hospital wellness programs, physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation. We also custom-build treadmills for research and special applications.

There are significant reasons for selecting Trackmaster over lesser treadmills. Users recognize and appreciate the longest and widest low-to-the-ground shock absorbing running area of any club treadmill, coupled with a smooth and quiet drive system offering no belt hesitation or slipping. Two well designed and easily to use controllers are available for either manual or programmable operation. Owners appreciate Trackmaster's rugged durability, longer life span and low overall cost of ownership along with the quality equipment image which Trackmaster provides.

Today, Trackmaster offers a complete line of cardio, strength and free weight equipment to fit everyone's need. There is no need to call multiple fitness companies to buy the best the fitness industry has to offer, it all here for you, one call does it.

Now you have one source to provide you with everything you need from cardio to strength to flooring to free weight to even consulting.
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Trackmaster will sneak previewing our new products in selected cities before the launch of those products. If you are interested in seeing the latest from Trackmaster call our sales Department at (866) 487-2256
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